Hoya 2for1 Lens Promotion Jan – March

Hoya 2for1 offer

We have a fantastic new offer for you, run by one of our lens partners, Hoya.

  1. Purchase Mystyle lenses and receive free Workstyle lenses (1.5 with HVA)
  2. Purchase Lifestyle3 lenses and receive free Workstyle lenses (1.5 with HVA)
  3. Purchase Balansis lenses and receive free Tact or AddPower (1.5 with HVA)

Mystyle Lens

Mystyle lenses are tailored to your eyes just like a bespoke suit is tailored to your body. Your power, lifestyle and past experience will be analysed to provide you with a pair of lenses that can offer you minimised visual distortion and improved depth of perception.  Ideal for wearers who have different power in both eyes. http://bit.ly/2ChDWbs

Lifestyle3 Lens

Inspired by people and optimised by technology. Highly accurate vision correction and significantly wider visual fields than conventional progressive lenses.

Created for visual efficiency at work. Just like your shoes and outfits, spectacle lenses are designed for different functions and activities. Visual needs of different occupations vary depending on your working distance. http://bit.ly/2Ci81r9 Workstyle lenses are available in 3 distances:

  1. Workstyle V + Space – personalised indoor lenses catered for different visual needs with wider near & intermediate visual fields compared to progressive lenses
  2. Workstyle V + Screen – for distances up to 2m and suitable for close work
  3. Workstyle V + Close – for distances up to 1m and suitable for near work

Balansis Lens

Progressive lens that reduces distortion at the edge of the lens, while providing optimal power distribution across the front and back of the lens & natural eye movements when switching between distances. It also comes with a stable view enhancer, the digital evaluation method that corrects for dynamic distortion. http://bit.ly/2CjmGSZ

Tact Trueform Lens

Indoor lenses tailored to your needs. Progressive lens perfect for specialist professions and precision hobbies

AddPower Trueform Lens

Indoor lenses tailored to your needs. Progressive lens which provides support for near vision as well as better depth and width correction; ideal for intensive readers http://bit.ly/2BWsZ31