Contact Lenses

Technological advancements mean contact lenses are more comfortable, safer and easier to use than ever before for adults and children. They can be worn full-time or part-time, depending on what suits you and your lifestyle. They give you an alternative from wearing glasses with the same clear, comfortable vision.

contact-lensesDoes this sound like you?

  1. You don’t like wearing glasses
  2. You are always losing your glasses
  3. You like wearing your glasses, but want a different look for that special occasion
  4. You play sports, but would like the freedom & confidence from not wearing your glasses
  5. You wear reading glasses, but would like NOT to be searching for them all the time
  6. You would like new designer sunspecs, but you can’t get your prescription in them
  7. You live life to the full, working all day, out all night and would like a contact lens that can keep the pace
  8. You’ve been told you have astigmatism, so you can’t wear contact lenses
  9. Your kids are 16 and under and play active sports or don’t like wearing glasses

If you answered yes to any of the above question, make an appointment today for a free contact lens trial and discover how contact lenses can help you live your life to the full. T&Cs apply*

Free Contact Lens TrialContact Lenses for Sport

  1. At your initial consultation our optician will take you through options suited to your eye and prescription and remove any concerns you have about wearing contact lenses.
  2. We also want to make sure you feel comfortable putting on and taking off the contact lens on your own. We will also discuss the do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing and caring for your contact lenses.
  3. Once you are happy with your contact lens and are using them with ease, you will be able to purchase a supply.

*To undergo your free contact lens trial you will need to have an up to date prescription (within the last two years).  Terms & Conditions explained in practice.


At Hughes, Macdonald & Davidson, not only do we stock a complete range of contact lenses from leading manufacturers such as Alcon (Ciba Vision), Johnson & Johnson, Cooper Vision and Bauch & Lomb, we offer patients our Complete Care Contact Lens Scheme, a convenient and easy way to help meet your ordering, purchasing, delivery and aftercare needs.