Research has shown that sporting performance is directly linked to vision.

golf-glassesWhether you are an amateur or professional sportsman, our qualified Sportvision specialist, Alan Macdonald, can examine your eyes and use this information to enhance your vision and maximise your sporting performance.

A full Sportvision examination involves many tests and therapies which you will not find in a normal eye examination, including:

  • peripheral awareness
  • eye speed
  • vision in normal and low light levels
  • eye dominance
  • muscle balance and accuracy
  • individual colour preference
  • plus many other binocular vision tests.

A full visual screening takes about 30 mins and includes general information on vision required for your sport and eye exercises to improve your vision. You will also receive recommendations on appropriate sunglasses, contact lenses or sports spectacles.

Teams like Manchester Utd, England’s Rugby world cup winning squad, F1 drivers, Wimbledon Champions and Professional Golfers such as Tiger Woods and Ernie Els have all used Sportvision Specialists to enhance their own sporting performance.

To see how you can benefit, contact your local Hughes, Macdonald and Davidson Opticians, who will arrange for Alan Macdonald to contact you.

Eye Exercises

Here are some easy multipurpose exercises you can perform at home to improve your visual skills.
Practice two or three of these exercises, for 20 minutes, three times a week. Please be aware you may feel some eye strain, but no pain.

      1. To speed up your focus flexibility, practice changing focus between your computer screen and a picture hanging on the wall across the room, or a scene outside the window. Do this for 5 mins, rest and repeat using a different target.
      2. Ever try to put the cap on a pen and miss? Practicing this at arm’s length is one way to improve your depth perception. Another is to hold a cocktail stick at arm’s length and place it into a drinking straw.
      3. To improve peripheral awareness, while on the move, as a passenger in a car or while walking briskly, hold your head steady and try to read road signs, license plates, etc., on your far right or left, without moving your head or eyes. Do for five minutes, rest five minutes and repeat.

Why not think about starting an exercise program to improve your visual performance skills and strengthen your eye muscles.

You’ll SEE the difference whatever your sport.