Children’s Eyewear

Glasses can be intimidating for kids, they want to look cool and mum & dad want the frames to survive the rigors of school and the playground, oh and last for more than one week!

childrenBoth kids and parents love our wide range of kids frames which includes Ray-Ban, William Morris, Guess, Marvel Heroes, Disney Princess, Ben 10, Whiz Kids, Star Wars and Fan Frames. The kids have a huge choice and the parents like the quality frames with spring loaded sides!

Some kids don’t like wearing glasses, especially if they are involved in active sports – contact lenses can be a good alternative.



baby wering blue frames

Tomato Glasses

Tomato Glasses are made for children aged 1 to 12 years old.

They have a unique design with adjustable tips to ensure they fit perfectly to each child’s face. The nose pad is designed specifically so it won’t slip down the nose, even when your child is jumping or running around. Tomato glasses are very light weight, which makes them so comfortable. They frames are made from shape intelligent material, so go back into shape after bending. They are also shock proof in the hands of your little ones!

The frames come in a multitude of colours making each pair unique. You (or your child) just need to decide which colours are for them!

Erin’s World Frames

Improving the sight and life of children with Down Syndrome

Are you tired of your child’s glasses always slipping, looking too big or uncomfortable?

Erin’s World Frames are specifically designed to accommodate the unique facial features of children and adults with Down Syndrome and other special needs.Alexa before & after

Unlike other frames, the bridge is adjusted to fit on the unique features of the nose and the temples (a.k.a. arms) are modified to keep the glasses from constantly slipping. Erin’s World frames are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit toddlers through adults.

With a pair of Erin’s World frames your child will no longer be constrained by their eyeglasses. The innovative design enhances their opportunities to explore the world freely.