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HMD Christmas Raffle – Designer Sunglasses to be won!

HMD Christmas Raffle – Designer Sunglasses to be won!

Every purchase made during 13th to the 21st December will be entered into the prize draw for a pair of Designer Sunglasses.  T&Cs Apply

Christmas Raffle – £100 HMD Voucher to be won!

Every purchase made during 1st to the 12th December will be entered into the prize draw for a £100 HMD Voucher.  T&Cs Apply

Don’t swerve a sight test

Road safety and your eyes

Poor vision causes an estimated 2900 road casualties a year. So, we all need to be able to see clearly when in charge of a vehicle. In the wrong hands, a vehicle can be dangerous. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure they have their eyes checked and have an up to date prescription. We can also influence family and friends to have their eyes checked too, helping to make the roads we drive on safer.

Driving Eyesight Rules 

You must be able to read (with glasses or contact lenses, if necessary) a car number plate made after 1st September 2001 from 20 metres.

You must also meet the minimum eyesight standard for driving by having a visual acuity of at least decimal 0.5 (6/12) measured on the Snellen scale (with glasses or contact lenses, if necessary) using both eyes together or, if you have sight in one eye only, in that eye.

You must also have an adequate field of vision – your optician can tell you about this and do a test.

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Do you struggle to see when driving at night?

Essilor have just released new lenses specifically designed to reduce the glare and make driving at night more comfortable.

Speak to us about Varilux Road Pilot and Essilor Road Pilot (single vision) lenses.

Say #EyeQuit for #Stoptober

Did you know the link between smoking and sight loss is as strong as the link between smoking and lung cancer? To encourage people to say #EyeQuit for #Stoptober here are twenty ways smoking can affect your vision and eye health.


#1 Tobacco smoke causes biological changes in your eyes that can lead to vision loss

#2 Cigarettes contain toxins that enter your eyes & increase your risk of sight loss by up to four times

#3 Tobacco chemicals damage blood vessels inside your eyes

#4 Tobacco chemicals interfere with the production of your tears

#5 Smoking causes oxidative stress and damages your retina

#6 Tobacco reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches your macula

#7 Smoking is a key risk factor for #AMD, the UK’s leading cause of blindness

#8 Research published in @bmj suggests 1 in 5 cases of #AMD are caused by tobacco consumption

#9 On average smokers develop #AMD 5 years earlier than non-smokers

#10 Smoking is a major risk factor in the development of cataracts

#11 The risk of nuclear cataracts is 3 times greater in smokers

#12 Smoking is a significant risk factor for developing diabetic retinopathy

#13 Smoking increases your risk of dry eye syndrome – the leading cause of eye irritation in over 65s

#14 Smoking is associated with the development of thyroid eye disease

#15 Smokers have increased prevalence of colour vision deficiency

#16 Nicotine poisoning can make it difficult to clearly distinguish colours with a red or green hue

#17 Smokers are twice as likely to suffer Uveitis than non-smokers.

#18 Smoking increases the risk of contact lens wearers suffering corneal ulcers

#19 Smoking in pregnancy increases the risk of your child having a squint

#20 Smoking around loved ones increases their risk of suffering sight loss

Say #EyeQuit today. For help to stop smoking visit

Job Vacancy – Optical Assistant

We require a full-time Optical Assistant for our busy Inverurie Practice.

Duties to include Reception and Pre-eyetest screening.
Full time training will be provided.

Applicants should be outgoing, friendly and computer literate. They should enjoy meeting people and be able to provide the first class service for which we are known.

Salary commensurate with experience.

CVs should be sent to the Manager, Margaret Bruce by Friday 13th October 2017.


Happy 9th Brithday Banchory

Happy 9th Birthday to our wonderful Banchory team! Doesn’t time fly……….hope the cake was good!



Local Optometrist Opening Eyes at #Sheffield17

Local Optometrist and Company Director, Alan Macdonald of Hughes, Macdonald & Davidson Opticians is lending his expertise at the 2017 Special Olympics Great Britain National Summer Games.

The Special Olympics are being held in the City of Sheffield between 7-12 August 2017. The Games are the country’s largest multi-sports event for athletes with intellectual disabilities. Around 2,600 athletes will come together from across the country. They will be supported over 4 days of competition by 800 coaches, 750 volunteers, 150 officials and over 5000 family and friends.

Alan is volunteering his time and expertise at the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes program. The program educates athletes on healthy lifestyle choices and identifies issues that may need additional follow-up.

Opening Eyes is one discipline of the program which is aiming to screen 1000 athletes over four days (7th & 10th August). There will be around 12 stations testing different areas such as distance and near vision, colour vision, pupil response and the health of the back of the eye.

For those athletes that need glasses, replacement glasses, sports goggles or have dubious examination results will be given a full eye examination. They will receive their new eyewear with their new prescription and a special badge for attending our screening.

Alan Macdonald, Optometrist and Company Director at Hughes, Macdonald & Davidson Opticians said “Everyone should have an eye examination; having intellectual disabilities should not contribute to sub-standard care. I am delighted to be able to contribute to such a wonderful event. I use Makaton, a language programme using signs, symbols and speech to communicate with athletes during the screening, which helps provide clues to what I’m saying, enabling the athletes to benefit from the eye care they deserve”.

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Special Olympics count down continues..

I’ve been assigned my team, I’ve got training on 6th August and will be ready to go on 7th & 8th August…

Opening Eyes is part of the Healthy Athletes programme, so there will be dentists, podiatrists, audiologists and health promotion people there too. We will be screening in the dining room of Birkdale School, close to Sheffield Hallam University.

The screening will have about twelve stations and we shall be testing:

  • distance and near vision.
  • cover test. To check muscle balances
  • pupil responses.
  • motility. Examining if eyes move together properly
  • near point of convergence.
  • colour vision.
  • stereopsis. 3D test
  • IOP. Eye pressure
  • slit lamp exam. Tocheck health of front of the eye
  • autorefraction. To check for spectacles
  • ophthalmoscopy. To check the health of the back of the eye.

Those athletes that need glasses, replacement glasses, sports goggles or have dubious autorefraction results (!) will have a full eye examinations. Then there will be dispensing and glazing too, and at check out all the athletes will receive a special badge for going for round our screening.

Our volunteers will be Optometrists, dispensing opticians and students and we are aiming to screen 1000 athletes!

I’ll let you know how we get on!