The Eye Test

NHS eye examinations are free for all individuals living in Scotland and any UK national tested in Scotland. Eye exams are recommended every two years unless otherwise advised by your Optometrists.

Your Optometrist will undertake a comprehensive eye examination which is unique to the individual.

eye-testEye Health (arguably the most important part)

Your Optometrist will examine the internal structure of the eye and the outer tissue.  The pressure in the eye will be measured to ensure they are healthy and working normally in those over 30 years old. The results of this will allow us to identify any issues such as Blood Vessel and Diabetic changes, Age related changes, Dry Eyes and loads more.

Your Vision

A Letter Chart is used by your optometrist to determine how well you can see. If you wear glasses you will read the chart with and without your glasses. A child specific eye chart is used for children who cannot read the alphabet, while other charts are used for people with intellectual difficulties.

Your Optometrist will then use a variety of lenses to determine whether any improvement can be made to your vision and will also check eye movement to ensure both eyes are working together.

Your Optometrist will ensure you can see clearly at all distances, near, intermediate and far.

For those over 60 years of age, included in your NHS eye exam is a permanent digital photographic record of both eyes. This allows us to monitor eye conditions simply and efficiently, which is an enhancement to a normal eye examination. It enables us to easily explain eye anatomy and is particularly useful in Diabetic and Glaucoma screening.

You, your eyes & family history

Your Optometrist will start by having an in depth discussion about your current eyesight, any health and lifestyle issues that may be affecting your eyes and any family history of eye problems.

After the examination:

Your optometrist will explain the results of the examination and discuss any health issues that may have been identified.

If you require visual correction, your optometrist will recommend the appropriate lenses or contact lenses suited to your lifestyle, giving clear vision and comfort.

If required, you will then be met with one of our dispensing opticians who will take you through our range of frames to achieve your desired look.

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